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AgBioResearch - Nelson, New Zealand - agricultural products
AgraQuest - Davis, CA  - natural pesticides
AgResearch - Hamilton, New Zealand - contract agricultural research
Agrinomics - Portland, OR  - agricultural functional genomics in Arabidopsis
Agrisoma Biosciences - Burnaby, British Columbia Canada - ag biotech and plant-based protein production
Summerville ArborGen - Summerville, SC  - forest biotechnology company
Arcadia Biosciences - Davis, CA  - agbiotech crop improvement
Bayer AG - Leverkusen, Germany - parent company of Bayer Healthcare, Bayer CropScience and Bayer MaterialScience
Bayer CropScience - Monheim am Rhein, Germany; Lyon, France - crop science biotech
BioAgri - City of Industry, CA Taipei, Taiwan - transgenic animal production using linker based sperm-mediated gene transfer
Biolex Therapeutics - Pittsboro, NC  - plant-based recombinant protein production
Cargill - Minneapolis, MN  - large agricultural and animal food company
Ceres - Thousand Oaks, CA  - plant functional genomics
Chlorogen - St. Louis, MO  - chloroplast transformation-based protein production
CropDesign NV - Zwijnaarde, Belgium - genomic-based crop improvement
Cyagra - Elizabethtown, PA  - cattle cloning
Devgen - Ghent, Belgium - crop improvement through molecular breeding
DNA LandMarks - St. Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec Canada - crop science research
Dow AgroSciences - Indianapolis, IN  - agricultural biotech
DuPont - Wilmington, DE  - large chemical company
Eden Biosciences - Bothell, WA  - plant biotech (disease resistance)
Embrex - RTP, NC  - avian health technology
Emergent Genetics - Boulder, CO  - seed and agbiotech focusing on cotton
Evogene - Rehovot, Israel - agricultural genomics subsidiary of Compugen
Exelixis Plant Sciences - Portland, OR  - genomics-based plant biotech
ExSeed Genetics - Ames, IA  - agricultural biotech (grain enhancement)
GeneSeek - Lincoln, NE  - genotyping services and DNA-based diagnostics for the animal breeding industry and gene discovery services
GeneThera - Wheat Ridge, CO  - veterinary diagnostics and vaccines
Huntingdon Life Sciences - Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire UK - contract research organization focusing on pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, chemical, food and veterinary industries
Kent Sea Tech - San Diego, CA  - aquaculture
Keygene - Wageningen, The Netherlands - plant genomics, genotyping
Large Scale Biology - Vacaville, CA ; Owensboro, KY; Germantown, MD - plant transformation with viral vector/functional genomics and proteomics and proteomics-based drug discovery
Medicago - Quebec, Canada - protein production in alfalfa
Mendel Biotechnology - Hayward, CA  - plant functional genomics
Meristem Therapeutics - Clermont-Ferrand, France - production of therapeutic recombinant proteins in plants
MetaMorphix - Baltimore, MD  - growth and differentiation factor (GDF) livestock research
Metanomics - Berlin, Germany - metabolic functional genomics
MMI Genomics - Davis, CA  - livestock genotyping
Monsanto - St. Louis, MO  - large ag-biotech (owns Calgene)
Mycogen Seeds - Indianapolis, IN  - biotech-oriented seed company
Neogen Europe - Ayr, Scotland UK - food and animal safety testing
Orion Genomics - St. Louis, MO  - plant functional genomics using ìGene Thresherî which enriches rarely expressed genes
Oryzon Genomics - Barcelona, Spain - genomics-based gene discovery in rice
Performance Plants - Kingston, ON Canada - genetically modify metabolism and morphology of agrinomically important plants
Phyton Biotech - Ft Worth, TX ; Ithaca, NY - plant cell fermentation technology for chemical compound discovery and development
Pioneer Hi-Bred - Johnston, IA  - agricultural subsidiary of DuPont
PlantGenix - Malvern, PA  - plant biotechnology, genetic regulation of membrane transport and ethylene modulation
Prodigene - College Station, TX  - protein production from transgenic plants
Renessen - Bannockburn, IL  - grain processing technology
Schering-Plough Animal Health - Omaha, NE  - animal health products
SemBioSys Genetics - Calgary, Alberta Canada - molecular pharming in plants
Syngenta - Basel, Switzerland; worldwide - large agribusiness
Syngenta Animal Nutrition - Research Triangle Park , NC  - Joint venture between Diversa and Syngenta Seeds AG
Syngenta Biotechnology - RTP, NC  - research division of Syngenta (agbiotech)
TranXenoGen - Northboro, MA  - transgenic chicken production for therapeutic protein production
ViaGen - Austin, TX  - livestock and aquaculture genetic services


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