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Accumetrics - San Diego, CA  - cardiovascular diagnostic products
ACON Labs Inc. - San Diego, CA  - diagnostics for fertility, infectious diseases and drugs of abuse
Affitech - Oslo, Norway - discovery and optimization of human antibodies
AGEN Biomedical - Brisbane, Australia - blood diagnostics
Agendia - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - gene expression profiling services and diagnostics
Ambri Limited - Brisbane, QLD Australia - developing the SensiDxô point-of-care diagnostic system based on nanotechnology
Ambry Genetics - Irvine, CA  - genetic testing
AntiCancer, Inc. - San Diego, CA  - drug development for treatment of cancer, cancer diagnostics, and metastatic mouse models
Applied Genomics - Huntsville, AL ; Burlingame, CA - antibody-based cancer diagnostics
Asuragen - Austin, TX  - miRNA diagnostics and microarray/RNA services
Atherotech Diagnostics Lab - Birmingham, AL  - cardio-diagnostics
Aureon Laboratories - Yonkers, NY  - systems pathology-based predictive clinical tests
AusAm Biotechnologies - New York, New York ; Santa Monica, CA - anti-viral therapeutics and urinary diagnostics
AutoGenomics - Vista, CA  - microarray-based diagnostics
Axis-Shield - Dundee, UK - clinical diagnostics
Bayer AG - Leverkusen, Germany - parent company of Bayer Healthcare, Bayer CropScience and Bayer MaterialScience
Bayer Diagnostics - Tarrytown, NY  - diagnostics division of Bayer Healthcare
Bayer Healthcare - Leverkusen, Germany; RTP, NC; Morristown, NJ; Tarrytown, NY; Elkhart, IN - health care division of Bayer
Beijing Pason Phamaceuticals - Beijing, China - drug development and clinical diagnostics
Bio-Rad - Hercules, CA  - molecular biology reagents, instrumentation and diagnostics
Biocept - San Diego, CA  - hydrogel polymer spotted microarrays and microarray-based diagnostics
BioControl Systems - Bellevue, WA  - food safety testing
BioE - St. Paul, MN  - antibody-based therapeutics and diagnostics as well as cell research reagents
BioGenex - San Ramon, CA  - histology and cytology diagnostics
Biomedical Diagnostics - Ann Arbor, MI  - cancer diagnostics
BioMerieux - Marcy l'Etoile, France - in vitro diagnostics
Biosite - San Diego, CA  - develops POC diagnostic products
Biotest Diagnostics - Rockaway, NJ  - transplant and transfusion diagnostics and environmental monitoring
Calypte Biomedical - Portland, OR  - HIV and STD diagnostics
Cardiovascular Diagnostics - Morrisville, NC  - blood-clotting diagnostic assay
Celera - Rockville, MD ; South San Francisco, CA - genomics-based diagnostics
Celula - San Diego, CA  - medical diagnostics
Charles River Laboratories - Wilmington, MA  - research products and pre-clinical support services
Clarient - San Juan Capistrano, CA ; Irvine, CA - image-based cancer diagnostics
Corgenix Medical - Broomfield, CO  - medical diagnostics
Correlogic Systems - Rockville, MD  - clinical proteomics software
Cylex - Columbia, MD  - in vitro immuno-diagnostics
Cytogen - Princeton, NJ  - oncology drugs and prostate cancer treatments
Cytyc - Boxborough, MA  - ThinPrep automated Pap Smear testing
DakoCytomation - Glostrup, Denmark; multiple sales locations - biochemical reagents and diagnostics
deCODE Genetics - Reykjavik, Iceland - population-based genomics research, commercial services and consumer services
diaDexus - South San Francisco, CA  - genomics-driven drug discovery and diagnostics development
Diagnostic Products (DPC) - Los Angeles, CA  - immunodiagnostics
Diagnostic Products Corporation (DPC) - Los Angeles, CA  - immunodiagnostics
Diazyme Laboratores - San Diego, CA  - develops diagnostics using their proprietary Substrate-Trapping-Enzyme (STE) Technology
Digene - Gaithersburg, MD ; London, U.K. - diagnositcs and testing systems for human diseases
DNA Phenomics - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  - genomic-based personalized medical solutions for Asia and the Pacific
DNAPrint Pharmaceuticals - Sarasota, FL  - diagnostic and drug combinations
Enzo Biochem - Farmingdale, NY  - life science reagents, gene and immune regulation-based therapeutics, and clinical diagnostics services
Epigenomics - Berlin, Germany; Seattle, WA - DNA methylation-based diagnostics
Euro-Diagnostica - Malmˆ, Sweden - clinical diagnostics
Exact Sciences - Marlborough, MA  - genomics-based cancer diagnostics
FFA Sciences - San Diego, CA†  - develops cardiac diagnostics
Gen-Probe - San Diego, CA ; Stamford, CT; UK; France - DNA probe technology-based clinical diagnostic products
GeneOhm Sciences - San Diego, CA  - chip-based electrochemical detection of genetic variation (diagnostics)
GeneThera - Wheat Ridge, CO  - veterinary diagnostics and vaccines
Genetics Company - Zurich, Switzerland - diagnostics and therapeutics for Alzheimerís disease and cancer
Genizon BioSciences - St. Laurent, Quebec Canada - genomics services company researching disease-susceptibility genes in common human diseases.
GenoMed - St. Louis, MO  - genomics-based therapeutics
Genomic Diagnostics - ,  - medical diagnostics service consulting
Genomic Health - Redwood City, CA  - genomics-based diagnostics for clinical research
Genomic Profiling Systems - Bedford, MA  - genetic clinical diagnostics for infectious diseases
Gentris - Morrisville, NC  - pharmacogenomics (SNP genotyping) focusing on clinical diagnostics
Genzyme General - Cambridge, MA  - human pharamceuticals
Genzyme Genetics - Cambridge, MA  - diagnostic testing services
Geron Corporation - Menlo Park, CA  - oncology and regenerative medicine based on telomerase, human embryonic stem cells and nuclear transfer
Glycominds - Lod, Israel; Redwood City, CA - glycan-based autoimmune and inflammatory diagnostics and therapeutic tools
Gryphus Diagnostics - Knoxville, TN  - diagnostics for women's health
GTI Diagnostics - Waukesha, WI  - blood-based diagnostics
HandyLab - Ann Arbor, MI  - nucleic acid and protein-based diagnostics
Harvard Bioscience - Holliston, MA  - manufactures and sells a large variety of instrumentation and medical equipment.
Heska - Loveland, CO  - pet care diagnostics
Hologic - Bedford, MA  - women's healthcare
Hycor Biomedical - Garden Grove, CA  - diagnostics manufacturer
IBC Pharmaceuticals - Morris Plains, NJ  - antibody-based diagnostic imaging
Ibis Biosciences - Carlsbad, CA  - identification of infectious microorganisms
IMI International Medical Innovations - Toronto, Canada - commercialization of medical technologies
Innogenetics - Ghent, Belgium - molecular diagnostics and therapeutic vaccines
InSite Vision - Alameda, CA  - ophthalmic diagnositcs and drug delivery
Interleukin Genetics - Waltham, MA†  - genetic-based diagnostics for inflamation diseases and disorders
Inverness Medical Innovations - , MA  - medical diagnostics
Izotop (Institute of Isotopes) - Budapest, Hungary - radiochemicals for pharmaceutical, immunoassay (diagnostics), molecular biology and radiation techniques applications
LabCorp - Burlington, NC  - clinical diagnostics lab
LGC - Teddington, Middlesex UK - analytical and diagnostic services
Life Therapeutics - Frenchs Forest, Australia - life science products (separation technologies) and diagnostics
Lineagen - Salt Lake City, UT  - diagnostics and services for the treatment of autism
Mallinckrodt, Inc. - Hazelwood, MO  - medical product manufacture
Matritech - Newton, MA  - proteomics-based cancer diagnostics (focusing on bladder cancer)
Medical Solutions - Nottingham,  - genomic services and diagnostic testing
Meridian Bioscience - Cincinnati, OH  - diagnostic technologies for infectious and parasitic diseases
Microbix Biosystems - Toronto, Ontario Canada - iotherapeutic drugs development, vaccines and infectious disease diagnostics
Mixture Sciences - San Diego, CA  - mixture-based combinatorial libraries for the development of therapeutic vaccines and diagnostics
MonoGen - Lincolnshire, IL  - medical device and diagnostics
MP Biomedicals - Irvine, CA  - life science reagents, diagnotics and fine chemical production
Nanobac Pharmaceuticals - Tampa, FL ; Kuopio, Finland - nanobacterial based degenerative diseases
Nanogen - San Diego, CA  - molecular diagnostics
NanoLogix - Sharon, PA  - nanotech-based technologies for hydrogen production, diagnostics and bioremediation.
Neogen - Lansing, MI  - food and animal safety diagnostics
Neogen Europe - Ayr, Scotland UK - food and animal safety testing
NeoGenomics - Fort Myers, FL ; Nashville, TN; Irvine, CA - prenatal genetic diagnostics
NeuroMark Genomics - Longmont, CO  - neurobehavioral gene maps
Nymox Pharmaceutical - Hasbrouck Heights, NJ  - ageing-related diagnostics and therapeutics research
OncoMethylome Sciences - Durham, NC ; Leige, Belgium - cancer diagnostics
Oncotech - Tustin, CA  - molecular oncology testing
Orchid Cellmark - Germantown, MD  - DNA fingerprinting diagnostics
Ortho-Clnical Diagnostics - Raritan, NJ ; Rocester, NY; La Jolla, CA - medical diagnostics and services (a J&J company)
Osmetech - London, UKRoswell, GA - electronic nose technology and critical care diagnostics
Osta BioPharma - Montreal, Quebec Canada - diagnostics and therapeutics for skeletal diseases
Osta Biotechnologies - Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Quebec Canada - therapeutics for Alzheimer's Disease, osteoporosis and cancer
Panacea Pharmaceuticals - Gaithersburg, MD  - proteomics and genomics-based drug discovery and diagnostics
Polymedco - CORTLANDT MANOR, NY  - marketing and disbribution of diagnostic products
Predicant Biosciences - South San Francisco, CA  - diagnostics based on body fluid analysis
Predictive Diagnostics - Vacaville, CA  - serum-based cancer diagnostics
Prometheus Laboratories - San Diego, CA  - gastroenterological diagnostics and therapeutics
Psynomics - San Diego, CA  - psychiatric diagnostics and therapeutics
Qualigen - Carlsbad, CA  - blood diagnostic devices
Quest Diagnostics - Lyndhurst, NJ  - diagnostic testing services
Quidel - San Diego, CA  - immunodiagnostics
Radient Pharmaceutical - Tustin, CA  - cancer and infectious disease diagnostics
Ribomed - Carlsbad, CA  - genetics-based diagnostics
Roche - Basel, Switzerland - large healthcare company
Rosetta Genomics - Rehovot, Israel - microRNA-based diagnostics
Sciona - Boulder, CO  - genomics-based personalized health and nutrition advice
Scripps Laboratories - San Diego, CA  - diagnostics design and manufacture and protein purification
Signature Genomic Laboratories - Spokane, WA  - diagnostic microarray testing
SomaLogic - Boulder, CO Boulder, CO - photoaptamer arrays of proteins for diagnostics
Source MDx - Boulder, CO  - molecular diagnostics
Specialty Laboratories, Inc. - Valencia, CA  - clinical reference laboratory and diagnostics
Spectral Diagnostics - Toronto, Canada - antibody-based diagnostics
Tepnel Life Sciences - Manchester, UK - diagnostics, services and reagents
Tethys Bioscience - Emeryville, CA  - biomarker discovery and diagnostics
TheraSense - Alameda, CA  - blood glucose monitoring
Thuris - Irvine, CA  - Alzheimer's Disease therapeutics and diagnostics
TriPath Imaging - Burlington, NC  - cervical cancer diagnostics
UroCor - Oklahoma City, OK  - urologic diagnostic testing
Vermillion - Fremont, CA  - protein-based diagnostics
Virinova - Burscheid, Germany - electrophoretic virus detection and diagnostics
Vita Genomics - Taipei, Taiwan - molecular profiling of liver disease
Vysis - Downers Grove, IL  - develops genome-based clinical diagnostics
Xenomics - Richmond, CA  - DNA-based diagnostics of urine samples


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